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Flashlight / Plus Stun

Flashlight / Plus Stun

Simply combining Impact, Stun & Flashlight technology into one easy-to-use personal protection device. Bright Light, strong and rechargeable device that produces electrical impulse protection!  Light holster included.
* Must be 18 Years or older to purchase.
  • Details

    A personal protection solution and flashlight in one simple device
    Powerful, rechargeable stun device. Features visible electrical arc to deter attackers and is designed to cause pain upon contact
    Long-life rechargeable battery and wall charger (included)
    Large flashlight button and touch-stun button are simple and intuitive to operate
    Modern and sleek design to fit your style
    Compact and highly portable; easy to fit in your purse or bag when on the go

    Body: Anodized aluminum body and battery cover with high-strength polymer front lens holder and switch assemblies
    Length and Weight (with battery): 8.2" / 9.5 ounces
    Battery: Replaceable rechargeable LiPo battery
    Charging: Battery is charged inside the unit via wall. Supplied wall charger indicates charging status
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