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Instructors are subject to unlimited personal liability.  Why risk the chance of losing everything you have worked for.  You have invested incredible energy and time to become a certified instructor, to master your craft and build your reputation as a good and respected instructor.


Protect all you have worked for is simple by joining our team.  Working for APF International, LLC is like having your own franchise, except, you have better control, more input, less liability and less work setting up classes.




  • Working for a well respected growing professional company.

  • Free logo access, polo instructor shirt. (additional shirts available at cost)

  • Free logo t-shirt (additional T-shirts available at cost)

  • Free Business Cards

  • General and Liability Insurance Coverage:

  • Coverage for bodily injury and/or property damage caused while acting as an instructor.

  • Medical Expenses up to $5,000

  • Legal Expenses due to bodily injury or property damage

  • Covers allegations of improper training:

$250,000 General Liability

$500,000 Professional Liability



  • Free e-mail set-up

  • Access to APF International, LLC web-site, making it easy to sign-up clients and pay on-line.




Not taking advantage of this inclusive offer.


Adding instructors to APF International LLC is a limited time offer and will be closed once the required numbers of instructors are approved.




In order to work for us you must request and complete an application.  You must be a North Carolina certified instructor through the NC Criminal Justice Training and Standards. You must process a valid NC driver's license and be certified in CPR, First Aid and AED use.


Instructors are contracted on individual basis. Instructors working for APF International, LLC are responsible for their own personal health insurance, however, you have up to $5,000.00 medical expense coverage.  You are covered in case of a law suits by your student(s). This includes law suits of slander, wrongful invasion of privacy, sexual abuse and allegations of improper training. 


Instructors must be approved by the president of APF International LLC annually.


Applications are open for North Carolina Firearms Instructors and North Carolina Defensive Tactics Instructors.





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