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Traffic Cone Preservation Society


   *** Under Construction **















A sanctuary for public service professionals to get away from hatred for the service they provide!



The purpose of the Society is to:


Publicly:  Protect and Preserve Traffic Safety Cones. 


Who We Support: Anyone in the profession of protecting or saving human lives!


Like our brothers and sisters in public service professions around the world, there are many Traffic Cone Haters. They seek to harm the innocent cone for no reason other than they are cones just doing their job.

Fundamental Principles

** Humor, Truth, Accountability & Integrity **




** Apply for a Membership Below **


To qualify for membership into this society you must meet all three categories listed below.

  • Human life must matter to you without prejudice (regardless of sex, race, religion or profession).

  • Have a Job! Active or retired from a profession that protects or save lives.

  • Must not be a Traffic Safety Cone haters.



Eligible for Membership:

* Law Enforcement Officers
* Firefighters
* Emergency Medical Service Personnel
* Physicians
* Nurses 
* Military
* Traffic Safety Cone professional handlers
* Individuals who saved a life by acting in good faith as a Good Samaritan
* Linemen / Utility Workers
* Security Guards
* Volunteer Fire/Rescue Personnel
* Traffic worker Personnel

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