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SWAT-T Tourniquet / Pressure Dressing (Two in One)

SWAT-T Tourniquet / Pressure Dressing (Two in One)

The SWAT-Tourniquet™ used as a multipurpose dressing. Its name provides a description for usage Stretch, Wrap, and Tuck. The SWAT-T is for teams who operate in an environment that has a high incidence trauma from Groin and extremity bleeding. 

The SWAT-Tourniquet™ allows a more rapid means to control extremity bleeding and allows application higher into the groin and axilla than other tourniquets. Its ease of application is one of its greatest benefits; individuals can effectively apply it in seconds with little to no prior training.

The SWAT-T™ is a durable tourniquet. It has been advanced aged and heat/cold tested. This device will not fail! The SWAT-T™ has an extended shelf life to 10 years.

A tourniquet is to be applied when bleeding is severe (arterial) and loss of life is of greatest concern. In most patients tourniquets have proven to be safe for a minimum of two hours. When used properly all tourniquets may cause loss of limb. This is a necessary risk, to bring our patients home at the end of the day.

Pressure Dressing:
The SWAT-T™ can and should be used as a pressure dressing. When hemorrhage is controlled or for venous and capillary oozing. Place your sterile dressing (or standard gauze / hemostatic dressing) then wrap the SWAT-T™ around the area of injury. You can then tuck or tape the end, which will maintain pressure on the wound (preventing further contamination and re-bleeding). If the endpoints are met on the dressing you may have a tourniquet and should check for good blood return in the extremity (pulse and capillary refill), or you risk the complications associated with all tourniquet
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