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Bad Day Eliminator™ Binary Exploding Targets


"Bad Day Eliminator" exploding target is a binary explosive used as a shot indicator for firearm precision. Bad Day Eliminator targets are safe and fun way to increase your shooting skills. It is supplied as two chemicals which are combined together and detonated when shot by a high power rifle. These targets are used by police, specialized response teams and for sale to citizens for personal use.  These targets are sold as a Non-explosive product until mixed.

Bad Day Eliminator exploding targets are available in 0.5-pound (0.23 kg) packages. 


Bad Day Eliminator exploding targets are not explosive until mixed with the two chemicals.  They are legal to purchase for personal use in the USA without a license. There is no trace of black powder and their forth legal to use for sporting purposes.


The federal government, not the state, governs the manufacture of explosives. They specifically exempt the need for an explosives manufacturing license under the CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) Publication 5400 if used for personal use and not commercial. 


This "Bad Day Eliminator" exploding target is easy to use.  Simply mix the two products for two minutes.  After you have mixed the product and placed it back into the zombie face place it 100 yards away from people, animals and anything that you do not want to damage.  Once you have made sure the area is clear from humans and animals you are ready to shoot the Bad Day Eliminator Zombie Bag.  You will then test your shooting skills by shooting the "Bad Day Eliminator" exploding target 100 yards away with a .223 rifle or any rifle with a high velocity bullet traveling 2000 feet per second.  Wear eye and ear protection!


 To purchase or use the "Bad Day Eliminator" exploding targets you must be 21 years of age and responsible.  Do not ingest or inhale the chemicals and always keep out of reach of children.  

(If inhaled or ingested seek medical attention immediately and call the poison control center at 1-800-222-1222)














Federal Explosive License No: 1-NC-127-20-7G-00949





Having a Bad Day?

Eliminate It With Our Exciting, Fun & Safe Exploding Targets !      

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